TDR9100(Circuit Breaker Test System)

  • TDR9100
  • : 차단기동작분석장비


    Circuit breakers are a critical component to every reliable transmission and distribution system.


    The TDR9100 is an easy-to-use, circuit breaker test system for accurate performancemeasurements with the added flexibility to double or triple your useable channels.

    •Verify the control circuit
    •Check motion of the moving parts
    •Validate time of operation
    •Pinpoint root causes of problems
    •Assess circuit breaker overall capability
    •Fulfill compliance testing requirements
    •Demonstrate results of maintenance

    •Main/Resistor contact timing of up to 4 breaks per phase
    •Measures pre-insertion resistors and shunt capacitors
    •3 digital motion channels
    •6 programmable event channels
    •Supports 20kHz sampling rate and expanded analog measurement ranges
    •Double or triple all useable channels, up to 12 breaks per phase, by connecting multiple sets
    •The accuracy of a laboratory instrument designed for durability in the field

    Doble’s application engineers can also provide expert services and support in circuit breaker test plan design, transducer applications and test data review.


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