DOMINO Ultimate Sampling System (USS)

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    A fast, convenient way to measure water content in oil or the dewpoint of a gas


    DOMINO USS is a portable system consisting of either a moisture-in-oil sensor or a moisture-in-gas (dewpoint) sensor, or both. Shipped in a handy carrying case, it provides a fast, convenient way to take high-quality samples.

    DOMINO USS gives you a fast, convenient way to measure water content in oil or the dewpoint of a gas while you�re performing other field tests. It is also a highly effective way to insure quality samples: the moisture-in-oil ppm or dewpoint reading stabilizes only when excess moisture has been removed from the valve, ensuring that the valve or access point is adequately flushed before sampling. The real-time graphic display allows instant monitoring of the stabilization procedure.

    The simplicity of the process means time savings for you. As oil or gas flows past the sensor in the manifold, the instrument measures the ppm of the water in the oil, relative saturation, and temperature of the oil or the dewpoint and temperature of the gas. It takes only 2�3 minutes to attach the adapters and just a few more minutes to obtain a stable reading once oil or gas is flowing.


    Features and Benefits


    Lightweight and portable


    Gather high-quality samples during other field tests.

    Obtain accurate results in six minutes or less.

    Accepts two probes simultaneously � recognizes both probes and their type (moisture-in-oil or dewpoint).

    Operates on AC voltage or rechargeable battery for portability.


    Moisture-in-oil sensing


    Sensor mounts to a transformer valve or other oil-filled electric device for instant readout of water content in ppm.

    Monitor the oil filling process by measuring the incoming and outgoing oil from the processing trailer.

    Quick-connect fittings let you connect to the valve easily.

    Analyze four different oil types, each with the press of a button: new and in-service transformer oil, very aged transformer oil (>0.18 mg KOH/g), silicone, and natural esters (vegetable oil dielectrics).


    Moisture-in-gas sensing

    Monitor the dewpoint of the interior atmosphere of the incoming transformer.

    Monitor the dewpoint of the vacuum, dry air, nitrogen, and other inert gases.

    Unlike other dewpoint sensors, the USS sensor is immune to oil vapor.


    Buy only what you need now, and expand later


    The modular, multi-option structure of DOMINO USS allows you to begin with a basic kit and add to it as your needs evolve.


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