F8300 Relay Tester

  • F8300
  • : Relay Tester


    Do-it-all instrument designed for three-phase testing with expanded possibilities


    Use the F8300 for testing three-phase conventional schemes and digital protection systems.This seven-module F8000-series instrument is available in five standard configurations of HVA Current, HVA Voltage, and Low-Density Logic I/O modules.Ideal for:


    *Differential testing with 3 phases of 300 V L-N & 6 currents


    *Generation station testing with 4 phases of 150 V L-N


    *Robust transmission scheme testing and transformer differential with 4 phases of 150 V L-N, 8 programmable logic I/O, 6 currents


    *Ph-Ph transformer protection testing with 12 logic I/O, 4 voltages at 150 V, 4 currents


    *Transformer differential testing with 4 phase at 150 V for testing transmission protection


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