Myrkos Lab Package

  • Myrkos Lab Package
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    The Myrkos Lab Package offers the powerful combination of our Myrkos DGA MicroGC with a Syringe Shaker to deliver enhanced performance and sample throughput.

    Supplied with PPMreport™ and optionally with Morgan Schaffer's new MS Oil LIMS web-based application, the Myrkos Lab Package provides an integrated solution to generate and manage DGA results, and to transform them into useful transformer diagnoses.

    Myrkos's unequalled speed, precision and accuracy will enable your laboratory to use its resources optimally and to operate at the lowest possible cost per sample.



    Maximizes laboratory DGA analysis throughput

    Recognized sample separation and detection technology

    Integrates easily into any laboratory QMS and standard procedures

    Trustworthy results



    Compliant with ASTM D3612-02 and IEC 60567

    Chromatography engine

    Automated Shake Test® method using the innovative Syringe Shaker

    Generate DGA one-pager reports in PDF format

    Export data to third party advanced diagnostic software


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