MD3-2060 Wet Horizontal Unit (Single Phase / 6,000A)

  • MD3-2060
  • : Wet Horizontal Unit (Single Phase / 6,000A)


    Magnaflux MD3-2060


    The Multi-Directional unit is our most versatile standard unit. The MD Series offers time saving multidirectional magnetization for finding defects in all orientations with one cycle. The two or three outputs are independently adjust to balance the magnet field intensity. Each output offers AC, HWDC or One Phase FWDC output.




    Innovative pump system for fluid delivery, agitation with easy maintenance access

    Push bar design for easy activation

    Visual/audible current assurance alarms with alarm log

    Three Large, easy to read Digital Ammeter Displays

    Three independent variable current controls with keypad entry

    Independent Contact, Flux Flow, and Aux Coil Current Type Selection

    Daily Reminder Alarms for UV Light, White Light, & Bath Concentration

    50 customer programmable recipes

    Color Touch Screen Interface

    Automatic piece parts counter

    16 inch (41 cm) diameter auxiliary coil

    Footswitch-activated pneumatic headstock

    Adjustable tailstock with crank

    Stainless steel tank

    Front and rear maple hardwood grilles


    PLC control advanced technology; reduce components and increase reliability

    Modular digital solid state circuitry

    Quick disconnect wiring

    Liquid Resistant panels, allow ventilation while inhibiting fluid intrusion


    6000 amp FWDC/HWDC or 5000 amp AC multidirectional output; current capability at contacts

    Multidirectional power supply - three outputs (Contacts, Flux-Flow coils, & Aux Coil)

    Duty Cycle 0.5 seconds on, 10 Seconds off (5% with Maximum of 5 seconds)

    41 inch (104 cm) headstock/tailstock capacity

    Three Independently variable current controls

    Recommended 20 Gallon (75 Liter) Tank Fluid Capacity

    Available Voltages: 380, 415, 460, 575, 50 or 60 hertz, 3 phase power

    Minimum 40 PSI with 5 CFM capability

    89” (226 cm) x 41” (104 cm) Foot Print, allow 24” (61 cm) per side for ventilation


    Rapid Reversing FWDC or decaying AC Demagnetization

    20 inch (51 cm) Coil in lieu of the 16" Coil

    19.5 inch (50 cm) clam-shell coil (3-turn) w/raising block up-grade (in lieu of 16" coil)

    Dual Palm Button in lieu of Footswitch

    Automatic Bath (22" Stroke)

    Engage/Disengage Switch

    Adjustable Stroke Length, up to 22 inches

    Automatic Mag Shot when Bath Returns

    Automatic Bath Shut Off, no flow when bath in retracted position

    Articulating Spray Nozzles

    Configure Unit for 89" Part

    Recommended 32 Gallon (122 L) Tank Fluid Capacity

    136" (346 cm) x 41" (104 cm) Foot Print, allow 24" (61 cm) per side for ventilation

    Configure Unit for 133" Part

    Recommended 55 Gallon (209 L) Tank Fluid Capacity

    180" (458 cm) x 41" (104 cm) Foot Print, allow 24" (61 cm) per side for ventilation 



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